Licensed Counselor in Norwalk, CT

We live in a fast paced area of the world. The normal is to have-it-all. Yet, it seems like creating-it-all and maintaining-it-all so that you don’t lose-it-all is overwhelming.

There is constant exposure to images of other relationships flourishing, careers blooming and families getting along perfectly.

You begin to compare ourselves. Even though you know - comparison is the thief of joy.

It’s not just that, you’re constantly worried about something.

When you are not worried, you feel like there is something that you’re missing.

Then, you wonder about who will be upset from you missing something.

It goes on and on

You are great at what you do. Yet, you can’t help but feel stuck. Or maybe this is not how hard you pictured your life to feel.

The relationships that matter most to you are growing more complicated. Or maybe you feel disconnected or drained lately.

Overall, I want you to be able to love well AND love the work you are doing.

But first, you want to feel better too.

My decision to become a therapist started at a young age. Once I learned there is a profession to help people feel happy, calm and hopeful after they have lost those feelings, I committed to every opportunity to learn and practice .

Becoming a therapist meant creating a safe place for people to share their most difficult memories, thoughts and emotions.

I understand that emotions are strong and the mind can feel uncontrollable. I see counseling as a supportive process to teach others how to feel calm and have a clear mind regardless of the current circumstances or personal history.

My clients often ask

  • “How do I deal with difficult emotions?”

  • “How will I know the “right” thing to do?”

  • “What is a balanced life look like?”

  • “What is my purpose?”

How I help?

  • Showing you change thoughts when needed

  • Create clarity on what’s important

  • Help build your courage to bring your best self to hard times

  • Grow your belief in yourself and others

  • Guide you through new problem solving approaches

  • Teaching self discipline techniques to reach own goals

  • Provide more ways to communication your thoughts in relationships

If you are searching for someone to speak to, use the get started now button below to speak with me about we can help you feel to balanced again.

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