We alL worry about what matters most: relationships, family, career, and our health.

The degree to which this worrying affects you on a day-to-day basis will determine if you should have a coach or a counselor. A coach will help you to turn a worry into a resource to fuel your goals and dream life. A counselor will help you control the worry that is becoming anxiety and anger into much more manageable emotions.

worry and anxiety can affect all areas of your life

When it comes to your career, you could be...

  • Coming up with ideas for new business ventures instead of focusing

  • Feeling a nagging sense that there is more but feelings stuck at the moment

  • Dreading the beginning of a work week

  • Feel overworked and annoyed by changing demands

In your romantic relationships, you could be…

  • Wondering if you can find passion and connection again

  • Struggling to articulate yourself well or feel understood

  • Overanalyzing conversations by replaying them mentally

  • Believing others don’t see your good intentions

Overall, you might be find yourself...

  • Trusting others with any tasks

  • Feeling like too many mental tabs are open

  • More forgetful lately

  • Resenting yourself for not being able to control the anxiety or anger


Our coach creates clarity for you in all the areas of your life. Coaching can start with an area you feel a void in or take a holistic approach to finding fulfillment. This is created by our coach taking a deep dive into what matters most to you. Through this process you develop your most authentic definition of success that you will use as a compass in life. You will compare your career choices and your relationships habits to this personal definition of success to learn how to thrive and create a life that counts.

This can be achieved in a single yet powerful conversation called, a Core Clarity Session.

Our coach provides 9-weeks of building on the Core Clarity Session to propel you into the right habits and mindset required to live a life that counts. During these 9-weeks, our coach educates you on your underlining perspectives that drive your actions. Your self-awareness is developed by discovering how your cognitive functions shape your strengths and weakness. This is allow you to connect better in your relationships and work smarter.


Our counselor helps you to reduce the emotional pain. This pain, that can wear you down and out, can be eliminated through challenge the very thoughts that cause the strength of the emotions. Along with this process of rethinking, you will learn how to overcome the lingering pain that you have pushed down because it was connected with some of your most painful moments. Your sensitivity towards certain tones, people and situations will lower greatly.

Over several sessions, you receive develop a relationship with your counselor that is unlike any other relationship. It will become a safe relationship where you can discuss the things that you can held inside for fear of seeming "crazy". It is not a friendship. It is a healing space that will challenge you and lift you up into the life you were meant to lead.

Our counselor rebuilds marriages that have lost it's fire.

Relationships are hard. They take work and we usually don't have someone teaching us how to create a great relationship with our specific partner. The perfect opportunity for this is couples counseling.

You can start couples counseling to learn how to have conversations where you both feel heard and understood. Our counselor will create a safe place discuss the expectations to reduce building resentment when disappointment occurs- because it inevitably will occur. Our counselor assists the couple after a betrayal or affair to acknowledge to the pain and work towards a forgiveness that creates a healthier relationship.

Feeling unclear about what to do for yourself, your career and your relationship is tough, but we can help to all the pieces together.


differences between Coaching and counseling

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