You want to cry, scream, or both -

 but you don’t.

Having it all “feels” a lot more stressful than you originally expected.

Despite your track record of success and achievement, your ability to keep going 100 miles per hour and smiling while doing it  is getting more and more difficult.

What is different now?

When others look at you, they see a well put together picture of someone who has a flourishing career and relationship.

When you look at you , you see someone who is barley holding it together.

You haven't been able to open up about how you're feeling because it seems like no one will understand or can help.

You don’t want to seem ungrateful, weak, or a baby.

We get it.

You are wondering if this is it for you. If THIS is YOUR life.

Feeling stressed, overwhelmed, over-extended is part of the gig you signed up for right? Parenting, being a leader, having people look to you to produce. Ahhh!

Do you (or should you be allowed to) have it all and better yet, have the ability to have a career you love, an amazing partnership and family AND be healthy and happy?

The answer: ABSOLUTELY

You know that life should feel better and so do we.  

You can have a life with balance and fulfillment.

It starts with the right help. If you don't get started now, your next few weeks will be the same - but more.


Nervousness, irritability, anger, frustration, all ingredients of uncertainty and being unclear on WHO you are at you are at you core.

No wonder why you feel how you do. If you don’t get this thing under control, you may even find yourself snapping at wrong  people.

You might begin forgetting things that are important to you or for work. 

You WILL begin to not recognize yourself and THAT sense of overwhelm can grow to physical panic attacks! 

This is NOT you. You don’t want it to be YOU.

Good things are ahead for you when you getting started with us. Seriously!

 We are your guides and helpers out of your current struggle(s).

Leaders find a way.


Elena Jackson LPC, LMHC

Ready to take the next step? Meet your Counselor.


Christopher Jackson, CPC

Ready for the next step? Meet your Coach.

We are dedicated to offering the most effective coaching and counseling for anxiety.

We know some people have put off working with a coach or a counselor for some time before the first call. Sometimes it is because they didn't know how to find one. Other times, it is because they doubted that they feel comfortable talking to someone new.

First step was finding us - which you did. The next step, we try to make it as stress free as possible:

Everyone gets started with free 20 minute consultation to get a feel what how it is to speak with us. Frequently, we hear relieving it is to speak with us during the consultation and getting a sense that we can actually help make a change.

We are glad you found us.

We are confident that together we can create a future that free of this nagging void and anxiety. You're in the right place to turn things around in the upcoming weeks.